About Us

About Downtown Dog Lounge in SeattleFrom Elise Vincentini, Founder & Owner:
My inspiration for Downtown Dog Lounge came to me when my dog Lily became sick with bloat.  While she lay on my lap during her recovery, the plan for this business unfolded.  We wrote it together even though no words were spoken.  She inspired me to create something out of love, respect, and complete appreciation for her life that was almost taken too soon.  She was by my side when I opened the business in 2002 and was my faithful, loving companion until she left this life to play with all of her DDL friends who had passed on.  At Downtown Dog Lounge, we strive to exceed your expectations.  Your pooch’s well-being is our #1 concern.  We want you both to feel comfortable and at home when you walk through the doors.  Every dog and human will be treated with equal respect.  Please let us know how we can serve you best and thank you for trusting your pooch with us!


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Our Purpose:  


We are leaders, delivering peace of mind in a safe environment by caring for every dog as our own.   


DDL Values:


*Expanding the Heart of our House in to the community with love & passion.


*Respectfully supporting one another with integrity in all we do.


*We say 'YES' - you say 'WOW!'


*As industry leaders, we are committed to the ongoing education, development, and training of our crew, pooches, and pooch parents.


*Communicating clearly, openly, honestly, and kindly.


*Cultivating the bond between pooches and their people by serving generations of pups for life.


*Coaching and serving in the moment.



Employees of the Quarter

Each quarter we select and award an employee from each location who goes above and beyond in caring for our pooches and supporting their fellow team members.  Congratulations to the 3rd quarter's outstanding employees:

                • Capitol Hill - Summer Hall
                • Elliott Ave - Camille Hair
                • South Lake Union - Gabby Gomez

Employee of the Year 2016 - Summer Hall!


Meet our staff:

Elise - Founder of Downtown Dog Lounge

Position at DDL:  Founder & CEO
Kids:  My beautiful two-legged daughter, Remi from India, whom I was blessed with in 2010.
Pets:  Gunner, my rescue GSP.  Harper Grey and Monroe Blue, my two crazy weims.
Hobbies:  Adventure travel, hot yoga, cooking, hiking, cuddling with all my kids, and entertaining friends.
What you love most about your job:  Watching people love and cherish the dogs and giving them our absolute best.  Seeing an anxious or troubled dog overcome their fears.
Quote or Motto:  SAB KUCH MILEGA.  I learned it from my companion and lifelong four-legged partner Lily, who inspired every bit of love and devotion to start Downtown Dog Lounge.  And from Remi, my precious daughter who was my absolute destiny and proof that with love, everything is possible.







Position at DDL:  Retail Operations Manager

Pets:  Luke, a big/sweet German Shepherd.  

Hobbies:  Basketball, hiking, ping pong, practicing Spanish, travelling, music festivals, watching sports, camping, art projects, eating delicious vegan food, playing fetch before and after work every day, beer.

What you love most about your job:  I love having a job that allows me to bring my dog to work every day and I love seeing how much my co-workers care about the dogs that are in our care.

Quote or Motto:  "Life's a garden, dig it."
























Position at DDL:  Team leader of Spa Services

Pets: Thor, a 7year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi; Tootsie Roll, an 8 year old Netherland Dwarf rabbit and Scooter, a 10 month old Teddy Bear hamster! 

Hobbies: Acting, Theatre, music- listening to it and playing it, watching movies, reading, spending time with family and cuddling with my dog!

What you love most about your job: I love dogs. I love everything about them... the way they walk, the way they look at you and tilt their head when they are trying to understand what you're saying, their noses, their unconditional love. So to get to be with them and help them on a daily basis is a dream job. I am truly blessed!

Quote or Motto:  My goal in life is to be as good of a person as my dog already thinks I am. ~Author Unknown


Position at DDL:  Dog Trainer

About Steve:  Over the last 25 years, author and pet behaviorist Steve Duno has trained thousands of dogs, and their owners. His sixteen pet care books address a wide variety of topics, including breed-specific behavior, environmental enrichment, basic obedience training, behavior modification, and nutrition. His last book, the memoir Last Dog On The Hill, tells the story of Lou, a legendary dog, and Steve’s greatest student.

Pets: Rico, a nine year-old Pit/Shepherd rescue–a tornado in dog’s clothing. 

Hobbies:  Wine making, golf, and gardening

What you love most about your job:  When a dog I have trained goes from being a challenge to a cherished member of the family!

Quote or Motto:  “Anybody who doesn't know what soap tastes like has never washed a dog.”