Grooming Spa

Is your pooch in need of an extreme makeover? Let the Downtown Dog Lounge™ full service Seattle dog grooming spas bring the puff back into your pooch. Our herbal bath special includes herbal shampoo & ear wash, pawdicure, anal gland flush (if necessary), brush out and warm fluff-dry. Need a haircut? As part of our formal grooming service, our certified groomers will bathe and professionally style, shave "privates" and pads, trim nails and clean ears.

Why pay to wash your own dog?
Our Wash-N-Go is just $15 for pooches under 40 lbs and $25 for over 40 lbs.
We will wash your dog. No mess for you, just a clean and sparkling pooch!

Grooming Rates

Formal Groom/Cut $45 and up (prices vary by breed and are available when you check-in)
Brazilian Pooch Cleanup $14-25
Full Bath & Brush Out Starting at $30
Full Brush Out (no bath) Starting at $20
Wash N' Go (under 40 lbs) $15
Wash N' Go (over 40 lbs) $25
Nail Trim $10
Nail Dremel (professional file) $14
Professional Nail Pawlish $12
Herbal Ear Wash $10
Poultry Flavored Teeth Brush $12
Expression $12
Flea (shampoo) treatments $5 (small and medium dogs)
Flea (shampoo) treatments $10 (large dogs)
Grooming Packages
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Good to know-

Baths and cuts are priced based on size, matting and behavior
--our groomer can give an estimate once we've checked for matting.

Grooming reservations are best made by phoning the DDL location of your choice.
DDL Capitol Hill Phone: 206-302-7078
DDL Elliott Phone: 206-213-0019
Walk-ins are always welcome for Bath and/or Nail service

• Formal groom, bath and brush-out services include trimmed nails, cleaned ears and anal glands flushed (if needed).

• Wash-N-Go service includes bath and towel dry--for short hair dogs only.

• Formal groom clients are allowed a 5 hour stay without daycare charges. Bath clients are allowed a 3 hour stay. Free daycare does not apply to boarding stays.

• We will not remove mats on your pooch if it hurts; rather, we will opt to shave. Heavily matted dogs are subject to a mat removal surcharge of $15 per 15 minutes on top of grooming charge.

• Shaving double-coated breeds for summer is not recommended. Their coat is their natural air-conditioning system, and shaving will leave it coarse & uneven.

• Formal grooms are by appointment, and a 15-minute grace period is permitted. If you're running late, please call us to avoid delays and/or a no-show fee.

• We allow for a 48-hour "re-groom" of complimentary touch-ups or changes. After 48 hours, a new grooming price will apply.


For our Seattle Dog Grooming Schedule call us at 206-282-DOGS