Getting complaints about your dog barking? Let Downtown Dog Lounge watch your pup during the day. Dog daycare has become a big part of many dogs' lives, helping them better socialize with other dogs, and giving them a fun and interactive outlet for their sometimes boundless energy. We also feature overnight kennel boarding for when you have to be away from your pup. Check out some of our testimonials from other customers. Make a Seattle Dog Daycare or Dog Boarding appointment at one of our Seattle locations today!


No longer will you have to take time out of your busy day for the vet--just drop your pooch off for daycare in our Elliott facility and we will coordinate your veterinarian requests with Dr. Clare's office. Also, in the event of an emergency, you now have the peace of mind that your pooch is just steps from medical help.



What's that smell? Leave a shaggy dog with us in the morning and pick up a "best in show" pooch in the afternoon. Both of our Seattle locations feature a dog grooming salon. A regular bathing schedule for your pooches will reduce dander levels in your home. For short-hair breeds, this can be done inexpensively with our $15 Wash-N-Go bath. Also, keep your home's wood floors looking great by trimming furry beasts' nails for only $10. Check out our Seattle Dog Grooming Menu for more information.


webcamEver wonder what your pooch is doing at the DDL? Wonder no more with four Elliott webcams and three Capitol Hill webcams. If you don't see your pup, Let us know! and we will make the playground more webcam friendly.



Downtown Dog Lounge features in-house dog trainers to curb bad behaviors before they become habits. A variety of training classes are available like our "Off" & Loose Leash Walking Exercises & Expectations, Puppy 101, Basic Obedience, and 1-on-1 Dog Training with our professional trainers. View our Seattle Dog Training Menu.


webcamYour dog's health and well-being is the first priority of the Downtown Dog Lounge™ team, but fun is a close second. Your dog will quickly assimilate into the DDL pack as she sniffroduces herself to the rest of the guys. Read about a typical day at Downtown Dog Lounge.