Customer Name: Sara
Dog Name: Cleo the Frenchie
Date / Time: 3/3/10-3/6/10
Location: Elliott Ave
Please explain your experience and how we can make it better: I was worried to leave my newly adopted doggie overnight, but I needed to leave town unexpectedly. The staff at DDL Elliott did a great job making me feel at ease as Cleo jumped right in, comfortable right away. I really liked the webcams and was able to peek in on my dog while I was out of town and show her off to my relatives who hadn't met her yet. Cleo apparently had a good time but came home completely exhausted. She slept for 15 hours straight that night! Hopefully she will find her groove to better balance play and rest next time. I am satisfied with our DDL experience and have already recommended it to friends.

Customer Name: Andrew
Dog Name: Fenway/catahoula
Location: Elliott Ave
Please explain your experience and how we can make it better: I am still in awe of the amount of attention Fenway and I get when we visit DDL. Fenway is always happy to go through those doors and I feel confident leaving him in your staffs hands. The people there have always gone the extra step to inform me of his behavior, provide training tips, even clean him up If he is exeptionally dirty from that days play time. Thanks for doing a great, consistant job there!

Customer Name: Karen
Dog Name: Truman
Date / Time: 5/28/09
Please explain your experience and how we can make it better: Our dog was miserable. So why the great review? Because Downtown Dog Lounge did everything they could to try and make our Truman (Great Dane) comfortable. The people working here are truly dog lovers. They are in constant cleaning motion while talking and petting the animals. Our dog was very stressed and we tried several times to visit and calm him down before a long weekend stay. During that time we were able to observe the employees in constant motion caring for, and cleaning up after the dogs. They talked to Truman and put him in a pen by himself with his bed. We left him for the long weekend and were encouraged to call. Everyone who we talked to gave us honest yet concerned updates. After the second day, our Truman had not eaten and we received a message from Downtown Dog Lounge. They had tried "doctoring" his food and found he still wasn't interested. They did have a vet ready to check him if he went much longer without eating. We were unhappy Truman was not happy, but comfortable he was being well cared for. We would highly recommend this play for your special member of your family, if your dog is young, playful and well socialized. The people are great.

Customer Name: Tasha and Russ
Dog Name: Pompeii the Havanese
Location: Elliott Ave
Please explain your experience and how we can make it better: For the record, we'd like to let you know how much we appreciate Torie McDaniel's exceptional grooming skills. We are the owners of a Havanese and prefer to have his beautiful coat kept long. She always knows just the trick to tame unrully hair, or to carefully remove a tangle etc, I could go on. When we drop Pompeii off for his appointment we know that we can completely trust her to take care of our little boy. I wouldn't trust his grooming needs with anyone else. Many thanks and we'd be lost with out her!

Customer Name: Shawna
Dog Name: Colt- Golden Retriever
Date / Time: 4/22/09
Location: Elliott Ave
Please explain your experience and how we can make it better: Colt and I both had a wonderful experience. He slept late this morning for the first time since he was a puppy! He seems like he enjoyed himself. I would definately recommend DDL to other pet owners. I was treated with the utmost respect and friendliness. Thank you for a great experience!

Customer Name: Julie P.
Dog Name: Cattle Dog
Date / Time: 6/30/12
Location: Capitol Hill
Please explain your experience and how we can make it better: I have been taking my cattle dog, Bruce, to the Capitol Hill location for boarding, training, and grooming since I got him two years ago. I can't say enough nice things about this place, but I'll try to hit some highlights. 1. Any time I call to make an appointment, I say "HI, this is Julia..." and each employee pretty much universally says, "BRUCE'S MOM! WE LOVE BRUCE!" These people see a ton of dogs every day, but they know each one of them. 2. Bruce and I ran the Furry 5k a couple of weeks ago, and were checking out the booths at the finish line. I was looking at something, when all of a sudden I feel Bruce pulling and going nuts. DDL had a booth that I hadn't yet seen, but Bruce recognized the employees who were there and ran to them. They welcomed him with open arms. 3. Last summer, Bruce had a pretty severe case of giardia, but I had to leave town for a wedding. Not only did DDL take him (in isolation from the other dogs, of course), despite how sick he was, but they made sure that someone was keeping tabs on him at all times. I could have boarded him at the vet, but he would have been stuck in a crate for 4 days, and that thought made me sad. I was being extremely annoying and calling DDL every five seconds, but each employee seemed to take it as seriously as I did. They answered every question I had and gave me thorough and frequent updates. At one point, Bruce's health took a turn for the worst. It was a weekend evening, so his regular vet was closed and Urban Vet wouldn't be at DDL until Monday. In response to my full blown meltdown on the other end of the line, one of the employees literally took Bruce in her car to an emergency vet to get him looked at. I was so impressed with how committed the staff was to making sure Bruce got better and to making sure that I didn't implode from stress and worry. Bruce made a swift recovery, no doubt thanks to DDL's tireless efforts. (I really wish I remember which employee it was who was my point person, but I was so frazzled at the time that I just don't know. But I do know that she saved my dog and I am eternally indebted to her.) 4. Drew, the trainer, is so insanely knowledgeable about dogs and their behaviors. After Bruce's first training session, I got a page-long report on everything they did during the session, how Bruce responded to it, what I can do to reinforce what they learned, and solutions to any possible problems I could encounter. Even outside of a scheduled appointment, Drew is consistently willing to take the time to talk with me about any issues I may have with Bruce. I have a zillion other nice things to say about this place, but I can't put them all into words. The wranglers amazing. The groomers are amazing. The trainers are amazing. Any time we get near the entrance, Bruce goes nuts with excitement. He and I both love this place.

Customer Name: Jenner
Dog Name: Dave (Weim) / Fern (Beagle)
Date / Time: 4/17/2009 11 - 4:30
Please explain your experience and how we can make it better: Hello, We have had an OUTSTANDING experience with DDL. I was just telling a friend as a matter of fact. I appreciated the diligence regarding health and records and even more so appreciated the flexible "can do" attitude that we have encountered with EVERY person we have talked to on the phone or met with in person. Your prices are better than anyone else's and the service superior. What a find!!!

Customer Name: Julie
Dog Name: Rosie, Golden
Date / Time: Tue 3/31/09
Location: Elliott Ave
Please explain your experience and how we can make it better: Great first experience! Rosie came home happy and tired.

Customer Name: Cathy
Dog Name: Gracie - Canine Urban Princess (or All-American Mutt if you insist)
Date / Time: We're always there
Please explain your experience and how we can make it better: Gracie LOVES DDL and Summer is her adopted Big Sister. She has a category in her blog for Dog Lounge. The Downtown Dog Lounge is my special "away" place. I like all three but Belltown is my special fave place to hang out. I've been going there since my mom Cathy Goodwin adopted in January 2006. They play with me, give me baths and even put me to work behind the desk. They realize I am a Canine Urban Princess (CUPPIE) and treat me accordingly.

Customer Name: Amy
Dog Name: Radar, Fox Terrier
Date / Time: 11/12/10, 3/30-ish
Location: Capitol Hill
Please explain your experience and how we can make it better: Is there any greenery/plants you can add to your atmosphere? It's great and clean but seems TOO sterile. Don't dogs like grass? This however, does not take away from the great care that my dog gets when he comes to visit. I'm from out of town and when I visit my mom in Seattle, I use the DTDL as she cannot accommodate pets in her home. I always feel secure and confident that my pooch is getting the royal treatment. He comes back to me exhausted and content. I know when he falls asleep in the car on the way home, he had a great time!! Thanks!

Customer Name: Jamie T.
Dog Name: Chihuahua
Date / Time: 5/31/12
Location: Capitol Hill
Please explain your experience and how we can make it better: I brought my chihuahua here for the first time last week and it was a great experience. I really appreciated how I could check in on the webcams. It was reassuring to see the staff attentive to the dogs and regularly cleaning the puppy pen. I also liked how she was in an area with other dogs of similar size so she wasn't too overwhelmed with the new experience. With the ease of visiting DDL and my interactions with the staff (and the puppy cam), I definitely plan on bring my pup back for more fun!

Customer Name: Katie
Dog Name: Ellie, Lab Mix
Date / Time: 2/17/09, 10:00 (about)
Location: Elliott Ave
Please explain your experience and how we can make it better: I love bringing Ellie there for a "real" bath and blow dry. She comes out with a BIG smile and very wiggly and happy. She's fuzzy, and soft, and smells great! I love being able to come in without an appointment and have her back within and hour. Ellie and I both love it.