The Downtown Dog Lounge™ offers a range of training classes to facilitate better communication between pooch and master.


Kimi Neal
Kimi Neal has 15 years’ experience in dog training. Kimi specializes in obedience training and behavior modification, and is certified as an AKC Canine Good Citizen and STAR Puppy Evaluator. She has 5 years’ experience as a lead trainer and has held many workshops and seminars on potty training, socialization, loose leash walking, no jumping, and how to bond and relate to your new rescue.
Kimi loves dogs and has a strong connection with them. She is passionate about rescue and has volunteered with shelters and dog rescues and she fosters rescue dogs regularly.
Kimi has worked with many different breeds and helped conquer many behavior issues. She believes that positive training is a must and troubleshooting becomes an art form. Her job is to help owners understand why their dog is behaving in the way it is, and how to alleviate tension between pooch and owner. She believes that a little obedience training goes a long way!


Ashley Naylor has over 10 years professional handling and training experience. She has successfully handled dogs and trained owners in a variety of canine sports and activities, everything from agility, herding trials to basic family obedience group classes. Ashley has always specialized in "hard to handle", high energy, high drive, working and herding breeds. Ashley has worked on many
"impossible" rescue cases, rehabilitating dogs from hoarding situations and severe abuse survivors and has served as a behavioral consultant on aggression cases. After rehabilitation she often ends up bringing one (or two!) home! Ashley is a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen and STAR Puppy Evaluator and utilizes proven behavior modification and positive training techniques.

Ashley grew up surrounded by dogs and loves nothing more than running with the pack. Ashley's deep understanding of the canine mind allows her to problem solve and invent creative ways to solve training and behavioral problems. Ashley is deeply passionate about the canine human bond and much of her training is focused on developing and nurturing the bond between owner and dog which can eliminate
a lot of behavioral issues. She believes that most owners would be surprised how fabulous their dog really is, with just a little bit of knowledge any handler can be taught how to bring out the best in their pooch.

Ashley can help most dogs and their owners with their training needs, everything from troubleshooting potty training issues, to loose leash walking and basic obedience cues like come and stay, to more challenging issues like leash reactivity and separation anxiety.

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