A typical day at the Downtown Dog Lounge™

Early Morning Downtown Dog Lounge™ crew wakes the overnight pooches for some early morning play & relief time while breakfast is prepared.
Welcome Doors open at 7 am on weekdays, 8 am on weekends and holidays.
Morning Pooches start coming in and the craziness begins. They are a little wound up and play hard to release all that extra energy. Water is changed hourly.
Midday Break For approximately 2 - 2 1/2 hours at midday, dogs are put up for a much needed break. This is when we catch up on new client calls, provide lunches, clean the pens, do dog walks, and attend to any special needs.
Afternoon Doggie madness is back in effect and pooches are jumping, sniffin' and having fun with their furry friends!
Dinner Overnight pooches are put up in their lofts and crates for dinner and rested for one hour so they don't get an upset stomach.
Ready for home All dogs are back in the playpens and having fun until the very last minute, until pickup! Daycare dogs are all picked up by 7 pm, 5 pm on weekends and 2 pm on holidays.
Good night Doors are closed and we begin to settle in for the evening, as well as prepare for the next morning's arrivals & departures.

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