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Downtown Dog Lounge is devoted to the well-being and socialization of your four-legged family member. All DDL locations have dog daycare and dog boarding 7 days a week including 24/7 supervision. We also feature full service dog grooming salons at each of our locations. We have a variety of dog training classes as well as one-on-one sessions with our on-staff dog trainers.

Check out or dog daycare, boarding, grooming and training pages for more information on our services and package options available.


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DDL will be hosting a special Greyhound Adoption Meet & Greet event for the Greyhound Pets of America Greater Northwest at our Elliott location TBA.
A number of adoptable retired Greyhounds will be there for everyone to meet or just to learn more about the breed. For more info email here.


We offer private training lessons in the Seattle area with you and your dog at either of our Downtown Dog Lounge locations or in the comfort of your home. Clients and their dogs have found better ways of reading posture, understanding proper conditioning and how to be fair with affection. And of course- the joys of consistency with “down/sit-stays”, the recall and loose leash walking among the favorites. Our trainers have a successful history with behavior modification from aggressive issues, house-training, separation anxiety and destructive behavior. As well as fun trick training and increasing drive in other obedience commands.



Puppy 101- Saturday May 31 @ 2:00 p.m.

For puppies 16 weeks to 9 months old

6 week course for $150

This course covers; help with jumping, hyper and mouthy puppies, leash management, potty training advice, sit, down, stay, leave it, come and more!  You and your dog will learn all of the basic commands including vital information to help resolve common puppy issues.





Puppy 101- Saturday April 26 @ 11:00 a.m.

6 week course for $150

This course covers; help with jumping, hyper and mouthy puppies, leash management, potty training advice, sit, down, stay, leave it, come and more!


Drop In Agility – Saturday May 10 @ 10:00 a.m.

$25 per class or $95 for 4 sessions

Drop in class for all ages.  Learn agility handling basics including hand signals, directional control, and obstacles.


Leave your pooch with us for a doggie retreat while you explore our beautiful, although occasionally rainy, city… and receive $15 off your pooch pamper package!
Package Includes:
Temperament evaluation*
Sunrise to sunset pooch playtime
24 hour supervision
Meals, medications, extra lovin’… whatever is part of your pup’s normal routine
Live webcams
Bath or formal groom before departure

*proof of current vaccinations required. Dogs who do not pass the temperament test are subject to isolation fees.



patrick DOTM


Gallant Sir Patrick, oh how we love thee.  Though we have only known him a few short months he has stolen our hearts with his warm gaze and bright expression and it has been wonderful to watch him recover from the severely neglected (very nearly naked) rescue that he was when he first came to us to the handsome guardian he is today.  Thanks to his owner’s devoted TLC the physical evidence of Patrick’s experience has faded and his heart is wide open, and though our staff always tries to go above and beyond for dogs and their owners that has been especially true of Patrick, as we scuffle over who gets to rub the coconut oil on his bare bum!  Patrick is a joy to have in the pen with his easy nature, wise soul and go with the flow attitude – truly remarkable after all he’s been through.  He will happily exchange play bows with one of our puppies, or hang out and supervise with some of the elders.  Some days though Patrick is happy just to cuddle in the senior center, which we always oblige with lots of blankies.  It has been with an uncanny grace that Patrick has stolen our hearts and we are so happy that he found such a wonderful new home and that we have been trusted to care for him so often!

DOTM Capitol June


Ms. June…Abby

Abby the Italian Greyhound started coming to Downtown Dog Lounge in December of 2010.  However, back then she was accompanied by her sister Agnes.  Unfortunately, Agnes is no longer with us.  I must say they were quite the pair.  Becca, a DDL staff member, has lovingly given Abby the nickname “Lil Unicorn.” Becca states Abby is a legendary, brilliantly white creature with a pure graceful presence.  However, she’s clearly a baby unicorn since her horn isn’t fully developed.  As you can see Abby is quite magical.  She also has another talent.  Abby can yodel.  Yes yodel.  Even though she is an Italian Greyhound there has got to be some Swiss ancestry.  Hee hee.  It is the cutest sound ever!  Abby has a reserved spot on the puppy pen balcony.  She likes to know what’s going on.  This past winter was quite the fashion show.  As Abby came in wearing high fashion sweaters.  When Abby is not at DDL she loves to cuddle on her dad’s laps and relax in the sun.  And even though she is almost 8 years old this girl can be seen zooming around her dad’s yard.  It is clear that Abby’s amazing personality has made her a staff favorite.  Congrats Abby, Devin and Matthew!

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