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Find answers to common questions about Downtown Dog Lounge and our services.

Your Questions Answered

We understand you may have questions about our services, from dog boarding to grooming. We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide the information you need to make the best decision for your dog's care.
What is dog daycare?

Think of our dog daycare as a vibrant playground for your furry pal! It's a space where they can mingle, play, and always be under the watchful eyes of our team. Many pet parents adore our services because they entertain their dogs and foster socialization, ensuring they return home calm and content.

Why isn't my dog playing all day during daycare?

Every dog is unique, and their play patterns reflect that. We rotate dogs in and out of playgroups for various reasons, from ensuring certain dogs don't interact due to temperament to giving a tired pup a well-deserved break. Plus, certain breeds, like flat-faced or fluffy ones, might need cooling down breaks. Our goal? Maximized playtime in a safe, harmonious setting.

Why does my dog need the Bordetella vaccination every 6 months?

Bordetella, commonly known as kennel cough, is a concern in environments where dogs are in close contact, like daycare. To ensure the health and safety of all our furry guests, we've established a 6-month Bordetella vaccination rule, based on consultations with veterinarians. For added convenience, Downtown Dog Lounge offers an in-house intranasal version of this vaccine.

Why does my dog need a quick-release collar?

Safety first! Dogs play using their mouths and garments, or collars can get caught. Quick-release collars can be snapped open swiftly if needed, preventing potential accidents. While we offer affordable collar options, harnesses are park-prohibited unless vet-recommended.

What is the difference between a full day and a half day of daycare?

It's all about the hours. Up to 2 hours is hourly rated, 2-5 hours is half-day, and beyond 5 hours is a full day. While we offer both half and full-day packages, they're not interchangeable. If you need both occasionally, consider having two separate packages.

How do boarding charges work?

We operate on a 24-hour cycle. The nightly rate covers 24 hours from drop-off plus a one-hour grace period. Beyond that, applicable daycare rates apply. If your dog stays past 9:30 PM, they'll be checked into boarding, with the corresponding fees.

Why do you charge a daycare meal fee?

Feeding during daycare requires extra hands on deck. While we waive this for pups under six months and unlimited package holders, we recommend feeding your dog before and after daycare. This minimizes park messes and ensures focused supervision.

How long do I have to pick up my dog, and what about after-hours fees?

The after-hours fee applies when dogs are dropped off or picked up outside our regular hours. Though we operate 24/7, staffing is limited during off-hours. Monthly, half-year, or full-year unlimited daycare clients are exempt. Healthcare workers also enjoy waived fees for early or late services. If you anticipate off-hour needs, please notify us in advance. Dogs remaining past 9:30 PM may be moved to boarding with associated fees. After a bath or groom, please collect your dog within two hours of notification. Beyond that, hourly Daycare charges apply. Extended delays might result in added walking and daycare fees. Note: Only dogs that have passed our evaluation can play post-grooming.

Do you accept puppies? How old do they need to be?

Absolutely, we adore puppies! Puppies can join us from 10 weeks onwards. At this age, they're typically still receiving their booster shots, so they'll be placed in our special nursery at the South Lake Union (SLU) location. Once they reach 4-6 months and are fully vaccinated, they can undergo a New Dog Evaluation and join the fun in the park.

Do you accept recently adopted dogs?

Kudos on your new addition! For their well-being, we advise a 2-month acclimation period in their new home before evaluation for our services. This ensures they're comfortable and ready for group play and bonded to you as well.

Where does my dog go to the bathroom?

At our South Lake Union (SLU) location, the facility is indoors, but any messes are promptly cleaned. For pups that prefer the outdoors, we offer additional outdoor walks. Meanwhile, our Ballard location boasts two outdoor parks for your dog's convenience.

Why do you charge for new dog evaluations?

The evaluation goes beyond just a day of daycare. Our trained Evaluators meticulously observe, assess, and document your dog's behavior throughout the day. Their expertise ensures that Downtown Dog Lounge is the right environment for your dog, prioritizing both their well-being and safety.

Why do I need to drop off my dog for boarding before 3pm?

Dropping off your dog before 3 PM ensures they have ample time to play and get comfortable with the pack before dinner at 5:30 PM. This helps your pup settle in better and contributes to a safer, happier boarding experience for all. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the location where your dog will be staying.

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