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Decades of Dedication

Serving the Seattle market since 2002, our longevity speaks volumes about our commitment to premium pet care.

Safety First

We don't just say it; we live it. With 24/7 human monitoring, your pet's safety is always our top priority.

Rave Reviews

Our trustworthiness shines in our glowing Google reviews. See what our community is barking about!
“DDL is heaven for my huskies. The staff at DDL are all so competent and thoughtful with our dogs. When we travel and board the dogs, we receive daily pics of them at play, with daily behavior updates. The overnight accommodations are comfy, and the groomers do such good work. We know our dogs are in the best hands at DDL.”
Holly Davis Borrero

Register at One of Our Convenient Locations

Choose from our three prime Seattle locations, all offering top-quality dog care services tailored to your needs.

Personalized Care

We understand that every dog is unique. Our team takes the time 
to get to know your dog’s individual needs and preferences, ensuring that they receive care that is personalized to their specific requirements.

All Under One Woof

From doggy daycare to grooming and training, we offer a wide range of services to meet all your dog's needs. Our one-stop-shop approach makes it easy to access all the services your dog requires in one convenient location.

Community Love

We have built a strong community of loyal clients who trust us with their dogs’ care. Our reputation for providing top-quality services is backed by word-of-mouth recommendations and positive reviews from satisfied dog owners.

How to Register

Joining the Downtown Dog Lounge family is easy. Follow these simple steps to get started:
Set Up & Vaccination
Create a pet profile on Gingr, 
the pet-care portal. Once your profile is set up, ensure you upload your dog's up-to-date vaccination records. This provides our team with a clear health history for your dog and guarantees a safe environment for all.
Evaluation Request
After setting up your profile, email us for an evaluation. Our reservations specialist will review and schedule 
an evaluation. You’ll receive 
a new dog questionnaire to help us understand your dog better and recommend the most suitable services.
Evaluation Day
On the scheduled day, bring your dog in for a thorough evaluation, typically lasting around 5 hours. We'll promptly inform you of any concerns or issues during the evaluation. At the end of the session, you'll receive 
a comprehensive report card detailing your dog's experience.
Easy Reservations
Once your pup completes their evaluation, scheduling their next daycare or boarding session is effortless. Choose to book online, by phone, or in person for ultimate convenience. And for grooming & bathing services? No evaluation needed—just book and you're all set.


To join Downtown Dog Lounge, you must meet the following requirements:
Are vaccinations required?

Updated DHPP, rabies, and bi-annual Bordetella vaccinations are a must. Need Bordetella? We offer it in-house for $28.

Is there an age limit?

At Downtown Dog Lounge, we have specific age guidelines for our services. Puppies under 8 weeks old are not eligible for any services, including Puppy Privates. From 8-10 weeks, puppies can join daycare or boarding in the Private area at our SLU location. After completing all vaccinations, typically between 4-6 months, your pup can undergo an Evaluation for park access. To continue enjoying the park after 8 months, spaying or neutering is required.

Do you accept all breeds?

Every breed is welcome at Downtown Dog Lounge.

Is there a trial period?

We generally don't offer a trial period. However, if your dog receives a "tentative pass" during their Evaluation, a second Evaluation may be required. This allows us to assess whether the observed behavior improves with familiarity or persists.

* We suggest bringing your dog in at least 2 times a month. It's important to keep your pup familiar with our staff and surroundings after their initial evaluation. If your dog hasn't visited us for 6 months or more, they will need to be reevaluated.*

What about spaying/neutering?

All dogs over eight months must be spayed or neutered to attend daycare or boarding at Downtown Dog Lounge. Specifically, we accept male dogs that have undergone castration and female dogs that have had an ovariohysterectomy. Procedures like vasectomies for males and hysterectomies for females don't qualify as being spayed or neutered for our purposes. This policy ensures a harmonious environment for all our canine guests. Intact males can still avail of our grooming, bathing, and training services, but intact females over eight months cannot access any of our services. If you're uncertain about the right time to spay or neuter your pup, consult with your breeder and veterinarian.

Still have questions?

Contact us today for more information.


Dive into the Downtown Dog Lounge experience with our comprehensive evaluation. This step ensures a safe and harmonious environment for all our furry guests.

Book Your Evaluation

Schedule an evaluation appointment for your dog to ensure they're a good fit for our daycare or boarding services. Email us at to book your evaluation.

Day-of Details

On evaluation day, your dog will spend at least 5 hours with us for observation, while you'll have a 15-minute consultation with our Trainer/Evaluator.

Behavior Assessment

Our team closely monitors your dog's social skills, comfort with handling, and crate behavior to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Report Card & Next Steps

After the evaluation, you'll get a detailed behavior report card. An additional daycare day is essential before boarding. If booked within a week of the evaluation, this day is complimentary.

& Wellness

At Downtown Dog Lounge, the health and safety of every dog in our care is paramount. We strive to maintain a clean and safe environment, ensuring all dogs can play and relax without illness. We kindly ask you for your cooperation in upholding these standards.

Sick Dogs Policy

If your dog is feeling under the weather, especially if they show signs of illness or diarrhea, we kindly ask that you keep them at home until they’re no longer contagious. This helps prevent the spread of viruses in our social environment.

Recent Vet Visits

If your pet has visited the vet within the last 10 days, please inform our concierge upon arrival. This allows us to be extra vigilant for any signs of illness during their stay and ensures the well-being of all dogs in our facility.
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