Grooming Seattle’s Finest Four-Legged Friends

Experience top-tier dog grooming in Seattle at Downtown Dog Lounge. Our skilled groomers ensure your pet looks and feels their absolute best, combining expertise with gentle care.

Elevate Your Dog’s Look and Feel

Our grooming services go beyond a simple wash and trim. We offer a comprehensive grooming experience that prioritizes your dog’s comfort, ensuring they leave looking dapper and feeling refreshed.

Expert Groomers at Your Service

Meet our grooming maestros! They've got the skills to handle every fur type, breed, and personality. Your dog's unique charm? We're here to highlight it.

Holistic Care Approach

Our grooming services go beyond just aesthetics. We focus on a comprehensive approach that promotes your dog’s overall well-being, ensuring they not only look their best but also feel their best.

In-Home Dog 
Training Sessions

Our in-home sessions are recommended for dogs that need help with issues stemming from or seen in a home setting. Training focuses on issues such as: Leash reactivity, barking, resource guarding, crate training, separation anxiety, etc.

Each session includes a 1-hour meeting with a trainer followed up with a customized training plan to help you meet your training goals.

These training sessions are offered at your home and are individually scheduled according to availability. Late cancellation will result in a fee of $50. This fee applies to no-show or appointments not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled session.

Training Options
No items found.

Training Services

Our expert handlers help teach your pup the basics to ensure they're better socialized, and ready to play with other pups and people. Stay tuned or more training services coming to our SLU location soon.
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Activities & Wellness 

Unlock fun activities to keep your pup active, and boredom free! Our enrichment services offer the ultimate solution to keep your furry friend stimulated and entertained.
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Choose from a range of flexible pricing options tailored to fit your dog grooming needs.
Grooming Options
Haircut and Style
Starts at
  • Haircut services include shampoo wash, dry, inner- ear cleaning, nail trim, anal gland expression as well as the haircut. Haircut pricing is dependent upon the breed, size, and coat condition of each dog. Service time varies, average is 2 to 4 hours.
De-Matting Service
Starts at
  • Brushing out matted fur. Price varies due to condition. Service time varies, 15 to 60 minutes is average.

Grooming Add Ons & Additional Fees

Explore specialized services and options to enhance your dog’s grooming experience.
Grooming Hold Fee

This handling fee is charged if the dog is not picked up within 2 hours of completion of groom.

Grooming No Show Fee

A $50 fee will be charged for no-shows or appointments not canceled at least 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment.

De-Shed Service

The De-Shed Package includes:

  • Coconut Verbena Shed Control Shampoo used during bath
  • Soak in conditioning solution with Omega 3’s & fatty acids to reduce cling
  • Rubber brush used during bath
  • FURminator brushing before and after bath
  • Blow Dry

Short Hair: $20

Long Hair: $50

This service will add approximately 30 minutes to your dog’s bathing appointment

Urban Spa Package

The Urban Spa Package includes:

  • Premium Shampoo
  • Teeth brushing
  • Breath spray
  • Soothing conditioner

This service adds approximately 30 minutes to your dog’s grooming time

Conditioner Add-On

Dog-safe soothing conditioner applied after your pup’s shampoo to make their fur extra silky and smooth! This service adds 10 minutes to your dog’s grooming time.

Flea and Tick Package
$10 | $20

A bath and soak with special flea & tick shampoo.

Short Coat: $10

Long Coat: $20

Note: Flea and tick shampoo is not a preventative, and will only kill fleas or ticks that are actively present at the time of the bath.

This service adds 30 minutes to your dog’s grooming time.

Convenient Locations to Serve You Better

Find us in two prime Seattle neighborhoods, ready to provide top-quality care for your dog.

Convenient Locations to Serve You Better

Find us in two prime Seattle neighborhoods, ready to provide top-quality care for your dog.

How to Get Started

Begin your dog's grooming journey at Downtown Dog Lounge with a few simple steps. We've streamlined the process to make it as smooth as your dog's coat will be after a session with us!
Create Your Profile
Set up a customer and dog profile through our website via Gingr. Ensure you upload your pup's vaccine history and a recent photo.
Choose Your Location & Service
Select your preferred Downtown Dog Lounge location and request your appointment online, or call your chosen facility to book the desired service.
Know the Vaccination Requirements
If your dog will be joining the park, Bordetella vaccinations are required every 6 months. For grooming-only clients, Bordetella can be updated annually. However, DA2PP and Rabies vaccinations must always be current.
Understand Our Cancellation Policy
To avoid fees, ensure grooming and bathing appointments are canceled at least 24 hours before. Otherwise, a $50 no-show fee for grooming and a $25 no-show fee for bathing will apply.

Ready for Your Dog’s Glow Up?

Whether it's a trim or a total transformation, our grooming gurus are ready to work their magic. Dive into the Downtown Dog Lounge experience today!
"We bring our dogs for grooming. We are always greeted nicely by the staff and our groomer, Adam, does great with our sometimes less-than-cooperative dogs! Everything is handled efficiently and in a friendly manner."
Stephen Boolos


Find answers to common questions about our grooming service and policies.
What types of grooming services do you offer?

We offer a variety of grooming services ranging from basic baths to full-service grooming packages. Our services include haircuts, nail trims, ear cleaning, and more.

How long does a typical grooming session take?

The duration of a grooming session can vary depending on the service selected and the specific needs of your dog. However, a full-service grooming session typically takes around 2-3 hours.

Do I need to book an appointment for grooming, or do you accept walk-ins?

For grooming services, appointments are essential. While we might occasionally accommodate walk-ins for bathing services, it's always based on availability. Booking in advance ensures personalized care and attention for your dog.

How long do I have to pick up my dog after a bath or groom?

Kindly collect your dog within two hours of notification. Beyond that, applicable daycare of walk rates apply. Remember, only dogs that have passed our evaluation can play post-grooming.

Do you have any age or spay/neuter requirements for grooming services?

Yes, all female dogs that are 8 months or older must be spayed to book a grooming service. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Do you accept recently adopted dogs?

Kudos on your new addition! For their well-being, we advise a 2-month acclimation period in their new home before evaluation for our services. This ensures they're comfortable and ready for group play.

Still have questions?

Contact us today for more information.
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